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Khandr could vaguely hear the women squabbling down the hall just outside the back door. He had told them both to prepare for this evening. Embla was probably finding ways to step on Briga's toes and to avoid doing the work that his first wife had set for her. He could also make out the voice of one of the locals who had come over to hawk foodstuffs in preparation for the feast. For one moment, Khandr considered rising to his feet and marching over to tell the three of them to lower their voices so he could have a moment of peace and quiet. But he did not want to embarrass Briga by intruding on her sphere, making it look as if he had no confidence in her.

Khandr plugged his ears and turned his attention back to the letter he was composing. After a few moments of earnest writing, he set the pen down on the table and picked up the parchment to read it:

To the liegemen of good King Bor,

As I am sure you have heard, Elvish messengers have arrived in the city and are negotiating with the Ulfing leaders even as I write this. I regret that neither King Ulfang or any of his sons had the courtesy to send me a message to join them in these discussions. As usual in recent weeks, the Borrim have been set aside and all my attempts at honest negotiations on the matter of the wedding have come to naught.

I am no longer content to sit at the side and do nothing to defend our interests. Increasingly, I feel that there are strange doings at the court and that it is our responsibility as liegemen of King Bor to try and find out what is going on. As much as I would like to pack my bags and leave this miserable place, I can not do that in good faith. I owe a responsibility to my King. Indeed, I would remind you that this is true for all of us.

I therefore request your presence at my household this evening. I will provide a great feast and tankards of good ale that we may come together and talk. Perhaps, with all your good wits and renewed efforts, we will be able to learn a bit more about what is going on and how all these developments reflect on the honor of our liege lord.

Please convey a message back to me either in writing or a few words spoken to my servant Hugo as to whether you will be able to attend.

I am, as always, your faithful envoy Khandr.

It had taken Khandr some time to make three copies of this missive. He had not wanted to leave something so important to one of the servants, and most of them were not able to write. Fortunately, all his guests were of good station and would be able to read his message to them. He flagged down Hugo out in the stables and instructed him to deliver each of the small scrolls to the other Borrim presently in the city.

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