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‘Is that what they told you, Mem?!’ Dulaan cackled as the woman turned toward the sound of her voice. ‘Well, handsome is as handsome does, I suppose. And young, is it? Have mercy!’ Granny groaned just a bit as she lowered herself down to sit near Mem. ‘Well, he has got all his teeth, I’ll grant him that. Leg’s a little gimpy on the left side. One of his mares kicked him hard, caught the knee. Guess she didn’t like how he was helping with her foaling.’ She picked up a piece of kindling and poked at the fire Mem had stirred up. ‘Name’s Raudi,’ she whispered, leaning in and touching Mem lightly on the knee. ‘There! Now you have a bit of gossip to pass about.’

‘Jóra,’ Dulaan called out to the young girl. ‘Bring that baby over here for Granny to see for a bit.’ She held the baby out at arms’ length, cooing at her. ‘Pretty little thing. Sweet little bunny-girl,’ she cooed at the dangling infant. Granny handed her back to the eager Jóra.

‘Know what some little bird told me?’ she said in a soft voice. ‘Someone’s kinda sweet on you, too. And this’s no gossip either. I had it straight from the bird’s beak, so to speak.’ She glanced up to where Kata stood waiting for the arrival of Gunna. ‘Fá know, one of Kata’s twins. He’s the one as always volunteered to drive us womenfolk to your house with the wool. He’d have come with us for this trip, I’m sure. But there was men’s business going on he had to see to.’

‘He’s quite the shy boots, f’you know what I mean. Most likely never get up the courage to let you know his feelings. Thought I might ease the way for him, letting you know, and all.’

She glanced at Mem, trying to read the young woman’s face.

‘Anyways, probably said too much, always do.....’

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