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Originally Posted by Thinlómien View Post
Gal, I had Brith reply to Ledwyn. Language troubles ahoy. Brith speaks very little of Rohirric, mostly what she picked up in Edoras over the winter. I don't know how many Rohanians would speak the common tongue? Everyone seems to speak it in The Lord of the Rings, but the "everyone" we see are soldiers, often officers. It sounds a little odd that a majority of the peasants would know a second language. Brith might need her "uncles" - or *nudge nudge* maybe someone else eventually? - around to translate with some people!
Oh, that's brilliant! Ledwyn is the most old-fashioned village rustic, she probably knows a few words at most in the common tongue. Ohhh, I can't wait until I get the chance to reply for her - misunderstandings galore!!!

Originally Posted by Lommy
PPS. Added Heafoc to my list and updated Wilheard's bio a tiny bit. He now has a nasty war scar.
Oh, that reminds me, I should update Ledwyn's description to include her frostbite. Will be done shortly.

Originally Posted by piosenniel View Post
Hmmmmm... well if the day takes toooooooooo long to turn to the next - maybe we should rename the game. How about:

-------------------- Hard Winters, Day 1 ---------------

Just joking!
Or more like Hard Winters: The Arrival of the Caravan.

Originally Posted by Firefoot View Post
One thing to keep in mind for the current day is that a true feast would be a really terrible idea - everyone would get really sick (it's called refeeding syndrome).
Haha, used to fill up hospitals every Easter when people would stuff themselves on fatty food after a 40 day fast that precedes it by the religious calendar... But either way, I think everyone is too exhausted to put up a proper feast - a good meal is more like it.

EDIT: Lommy, did Brith address Ledwyn in the Common Tongue or in Rohirric? I'm assuming Common Tongue.
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