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Originally Posted by Folwren View Post
Haha! Gal55, you made me laugh aloud with your post. Poor Ledwyn!
Glad to be of amusement.

Originally Posted by littlemanpoet View Post
As to language.

The Hobbits spoke nothing but Common Tongue.

The Eorlings spoke Common Tongue to everyone not from the Mark.

Same for Elves. Same for Gondorians. Same for Dwarves.

So it seems like everyone new Common Tongue. I suppose that's why it's called "common."
Fair enough. But not everyone automatically knows the Common Tongue, especially in isolated places (e.g. Lorien). So if you feel it would be more proper that way, I can change my post to reflect that Ledwyn, hailing from an isolated little village and never seeing a foreigner until she came to the Hall, is exceptionally bad with that language. Maybe even have her understand, but still run away on a different pretext. Would you say that's more true to the canon?

Originally Posted by Elempi
Second point on language: Please same me a lot of time having to remind you and ask you to correct your posts. The people of the Mark don't say "Rohirric" or "Rohan" - those are Gondorian terms for them. They call themselves Eorlings, and they speak Eorling, and they live in the Mark.
Thank you. I sometimes need that reminder.

Originally Posted by Mithalwen View Post
But not necessarily all of them. Hobbits and some men speak it because it has replaced their own tongue, Dwarves won't share theirs. The Rohirrim presumably spoke their own tongue among themselves but I can't imagine that all were universally fluent in westron especially in remoter areas - how often would they encounter other folk? They were pretty suspicious of Aragorn and co when they turned up though I expect there was more toing and froing in peacetime.
Westron wasn't universal even among the elves with their facility for languages and all the time at their disposal. Haldir was definitely rusty and his brothers didn't speak it hardly at all....
Exactly! So fluency shouldn't be assumed, and if you think that everyone would know at least a bit of it, then once again, I can always compromise.

And aww, I'm sorry your post keeps doing that! I hate when that happens. But I hope you'll be able to outsmart the computer soon.
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