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"By the White Tree..." he breathed. "What level of anakronism are you?"

Elrogorn frowned slightly, and although he was clearly disappointed, it was with an air of resignation and curiosity, and no ill-will borne at all.

"Then you guess something of me?" he asked Hyarmenwë.

"If by 'son of Elrohir', you mean son of THE Elrohir..." said Hyarmenwë, "then I am rather confused as to why you are here in Mordor."

"Ah," said Elrogorn, catching on, "but I am a bit more than just the renowned son of Elrohir."

"Don't you mean the son of the renowned Elrohir?" interjected Hyarmenwë.

"No, no, I am quite renowned myself," replied Elrogorn, but with such a matter-of-factness that it was clear he was not boasting. "At least, I am in Mordor. In Gondor all memory of me has likely been erased. And for good reason! For I was not Assigned to Mordor out of political expediency, as was Mardil II, but out of genuine anakronistic tendencies."

Hyarmenwë must have looked completely baffled, because Elrogorn continued.

"You see, my mother was a half-Elf of Arnor. Her mother was the niece of Glorfindel, and her father was Halbarad of the Rangers' uncle. She was a great warrior princess- the tenth walker of the Fellowship of the Ring- I'm sure you've heard of her. She and my father fell in love when she helped their mutual friend and relative Aragorn through the Paths of the Dead. I was born ten years after the War of the Ring, and was fostered, after my formative years, by Legolas in Ithilien."

Hyarmenwë's mouth was hanging open, with the rest of him completely unaware of the fact. Was Elrogorn mad, he wondered? Surely, such an absurd tale could never have occured! A tenth walker...

But Elrogorn was continuing.

"When Mordor began to receive Assignees... well, my mother and I were among the very first batch Assigned. Perhaps it was deserved. Scholarly research does seem to indicate that we were somewhat uncanonical. And my father, having departed to Valinor in a most peculiar and romantically touching manner- a sundering of all the ages! Well, anyway, my mother was in a 'whatever comes will come' sort of mood, and so didn't use her lethal martial arts skills to prevent her Assignment. I went along as a dutiful son."

Hyarmenwë's only thought was that someone as crazy as this DESERVED to be in Mordor.

"Alas! Among those others in that original Assignment to Mordor was a dreaded pack of Wereducks. The foul fiends are like nothing you Now-Free-From-Wereduck Gondorians can imagine! Vicious enemies and brutal creatures! They'll stop at nothing. Their only goals are death, destruction, and the occasional playing of the Stockmarket.

"To make a long story somewhat less long, they decided on making a light snack of my mother. Though she took down fifteen of their number in her final battle, she succumbed in the end to their attacks, and I arrived only in time to drive them from her mutilated body, and give her proper burial. I have since sworn to kill every Wereduck that I may, and to ensure that none other dies as my mother did. In pursuit of this, I have become, in addition to the greatest warrior of the age, a hardened ranger, capable of reading all tracks, of surviving in all conditions, and have developed the meanest Poker Face you'll ever see."

Hyarmenwë didn't have a clue how to respond to anything the "Half-Elf" was saying. So he changed topics.

"And... erm... what are you doing in here?" he asked, gesturing at the washing machines and the like.

"Well, being a Ranger and Wereduck hunter is dirty work," said Elrogorn, matter of factly. "So I'm here to wash my things. Duck blood gets in everywhere. WAIT!" Elrogorn dashed to beside the door, and swiftly drew his sword. "I hear something!"

The door opened. Elrogorn whirled around to see...


Deftly as if he hadn't been about to cut her head off, Elrogorn sheathed his sword, and held the door steady. Maika gave him a weird look- entirely justified, in Hyarmenwë's opinion- and proceeded to ignore him.

"Sorry I'm late," she said. "Unlike you, I tried not to be rude when I left."
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