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Skittles bent down and sniffed the corpse.

"Sulphiric residue," she announced sagely. "A sign of demonic presence. Possibly this is the work of a being possessed by an evil spirit."

She straightened and cast her gaze around the hall in a dark, stormy, ulta serious fashion. "Only one creature attacks in so bestial a manner and is possessed by an evil spirit."

Hissyfit made a comment to the effect that it wasn't her, if that's what Skittles was implying, but Skittles ignored her because it was, in fact, not what she was implying at all.

She looked at Tom for a long moment, and he looked back, conveniently speechless so as to preserve the gravity of the meaningful silence. Then, they said in unison:

"A werewolf!"

"A wereduck!"

There was a moment of confusion, then Skittles said, "I said wereduck."

"Well, I said werewolf," said Tom haughtily.

"It's clearly the work of a wereduck. Possibly several of the flockers," Skittles insisted.

"Don't be daft," Tom snorted. "See the claw marks? The tufts of fur left behind?"

"Silly boy, wereducks have claws on their little webbed feet. And that could be down tufts." Skittles crossed her arms and cocked an eyebrow. "Are we gonna have to fight about this?"

Tom thought for a moment, then suggested, "Maybe it's a werewolf and a wereduck working in conjunction? A fowl alliance?"

Skittles eyes lit up, despite the overused pun. "Bingo!" she cried, snapping open a gleaming blade. "You get the wolf, I'll go for the duck."
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