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Good point, Mr. Underhill. Sam is a steady eucatastrophe-producer. ("Eucer"?)

I picked up Smith of Wooton Major last night and about got euc'ed to peices in Faery-land. I sure didn't get that much out of it the first time I read it!

A new connection for me also (lately) has been, now that I knew that the eagles are sent by Manwe (and not just a convenient conincidence) I get euc'ed when I read, "The Eagles are coming!" It takes me right to the rescue of Frodo and Sam-- even if I'm in the battle of Five Armies instead.

Speaking of Frodo and Sam at the crack of Doom-- now there's an odd juxtaposition of selfishness (Frodo claiming ring) and self-sacrifice (Frodo's draining himself to get to the cracks of Doom, and Sam spending himself to get him there as well.) Altruism and selfishness made one in love-- does that fit? Hmmm.
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