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However, does that mean that one eucatastrophe must therefore not point to another?
Certainly not.

So when (for instance) Frodo dreams, again, about going over the sea, is it forbidden to be a eucatastrophe, simply because he has dreamed before?
Certainly not. But he can only actually sail over the Sea once. It's the actual event, not events pointing to it or eucatastrophes preceeding it that I mean.

Or, do the dreams now mean far more to me-- and connect me with the distant, shining truth-- because now I know that he WILL sail?
That's hard for me to say, but perhaps. But I personally would not define a dream as a eucatastrophe. It's not a great unexpected event. It's a personal experience for the dreamer. It may lead to a eucatastrophe but I don't think that it is a eucatastrophe in and of itself.

I think that perhaps the difference between us is a different viewpoint on eucatastrophes. I think that what is important to you are glimpses of great future events and then the event. For me, I'm mainly concerned with the event itself, and not so much with the events leading up to it.

Not that one viewpoint is better than another, just different.
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