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Okay, Kuruharan, I can see that. I'm almost more concerned with the stuff that points forwards to the event than the event itself, because dreams, visions, prophesies etc tell us so much about destiny and personality and how they combine. To me it's as important to understand why Frodo sailed, as that he sailed; and every pointer to that decision (did I just say that? what a geek) ... anyway, every pointer to that decision is part of the leaving. Likewise, Aragon and Arwen-- yes, their marriage (and then their parting) is incredibly poignant, and that's the part that gets me on the rfirst read-thru. But on subsequent read-throughs, what gets me more are the pointers-- Arwen sending Aragorn the banner, and the message that goes with it-- either our hope comes, or all hope's end... (zap. Euc'ed.)

So I guess for me, it's backwards-progressive; the first time thru for me the final Event may be the eucatastrophe, but in following readings, as I begin to see the forward-pointing connections, indications, (dreams, visions, prophesies) that lead to the Event, and then THOSE get me, almost as much if not more than the final event.

(Maybe that explains why Isaiah is my favorite book about Jesus... He shall feed his flock like a shepherd, and he shall gather the lambs in his arms... zap.)
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