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Originally Posted by Findegil
But to avoid repeatition completle this seems to late. I would make the split thus:
Just to make sure I understand - is your proposal then to put the split just before 23 of the Ainulindale? That is, end the Ainulindale with 22 and move the rest into QS chapter 1? I suppose that seems reasonable. Of course, that interrupts the flow of the text, but I doubt that can be avoided. I wonder if it would be taking too great a liberty, though, to take the first sentence of 23 as the end of our Ainulindale; for it really does follow on from the end of 22, and it reads a good deal better as the final sentence of a chapter.

I too have a proposal for an 'Of the Beginning of Days'/'Of Valinor and the Two Trees' that I put together a few years ago. I believe that in my verison I assumed that the Ainulindale would go up to 28, so I incorporated only material from 29 to the end of Ainulindale D. But adding in pertinent material from 23 to 28 should not be difficult. It will be interesting to compare your version and mine!

But before we do that, I think we should return to the other finished chapters that I have notes on.
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