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Originally Posted by Gondowe
my Ainulindale is from 1 to 28, and the then the words of Pengolodh stars form 39 till the end.
I see. Similar to that in QS77, then, which sounds pretty reasonable.

Originally Posted by Findegil
Aiwendil, my proposal for the split was at AINU-08.3, which is in the middle of sentence 2 of 23.
But I would end The Ainulindale with 39-42 because they clearly belong into this chapter.
Ah, okay; I understand now. And I agree that 39-42 belong in this chapter, regardless of where the split is made. So I think we are in agreement here.

Agreed, and first of all we should finish our discussion here on The Ainulindale.
I think that I actually have no more comments on this chapter, and as far as I can see, all issues have been resolved. I will wait until we start on 'Of Valinor and the Two Trees' to address the additions to 23-38, since they will be in that chapter now.

Looking back, I do see that perhaps I never fully communicated to you what my concern was about the 'Yavanna as a tree' thing. Essentially, my objection to the passage is only that since we have removed the implicit frame-story, as it were, of Pengolodh speaking to Aelfwine, we must remove also the asides made by Pengolodh, and the references he makes to his own experiences - either by deleting them or by integrating them into the more neutral, third-person narration.

But perhaps, if we are going to revisit that issue, it should also wait for 'Of Valinor and the Two Trees', since that is where the passage will go according to our current plan.
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