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I took very long time for an answer were we stand. My Appologies for that. But that is the way it has gone.

The last discussions were held in the chapter The Ruin of Beleriand. I gave posting of state of afairs in that thread. Here I only will say that we finished the first (unnamed) sub-chapter and nearly finished The death of Fingofin. The other two (short) sub-chapters are drafts untouched by the group.

Beside that we have (at least) two open points in the General Changes thread:
Bauglir -> Baugron
Gwarestrin -> Gwarestirin

For the rest of the work I update my resumee from post 100:

The Fall of Gondolin (FoG): Done.

The Darkening of Valinor (DoV): Done. But needs another look into it.

Ainulindalë (AINU): Done.

Valaquenta (Vala): Done.

Of the Voyage of Eärendil & Of the Great Battle and the War of Wrath (VE): Done.

Of the Ruin of Doriath (RD): Done.

Narn i Chîn Húrin (Narn; NA): Done. With the single exception of the snippets of the Lay that I would wish for and that have been once voted down, but are still on my mind as worthy additions.

Narn Beren ion Barahir or Narn e•Dinúviel (BL): Done.

For the Silmarillion chapters up to „11 Of the flight of the Noldor“ I have drafts ready for posting. But I will not undertake the work to bring it in postable form before the discussion has reached that point. As a matter of fact Aiwendil had suggested to start from the Ainulindalë and go to all the texts we hav done sofare before starting any new material.

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