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Originally Posted by Findegil View Post
Elulindo seems to be still valid, but I see no role he would play in any narative. Therefore I think if included at all it will only be in genelogical tables if we provide these.
In Of Eldamar and the Princes of the Eldali when it is mentioned that Finarfin was a friend with the sons of Olw, I included Elulindo too.

I don't remember Gostir at all in the moment. Please provide us with a source information about him.
From The Lost Road and Other Writings: Etymologies -

GOS-, GOTH- dread. Q osse terror, as name Osse. Cf. Mandos (see mbad). N has Oeros for Osse (*Goss). Cf. Taur-os [twar], N gost dread, terror; gosta- fear exceedingly; cf. Gothrog = Dread Demon [ruk]; Gothmog [mbaw], Gostir ^dread glance, dragon-name [th].

THE- look (see or seem). N thir (*thr) look, face, expression, countenance; cf. Cranthir Ruddy-face [karn], Gostir older Gorsthir dread-glance, dragon-name [gos]. N thio to seem, thia it appears.
Hige sceal ē heardra, heorte ē cēnre,
mōd sceal ē māre, ē ūre mgen lytla.
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