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I'd like to sign up, too, assuming this whole thing is still a thing. And even if it is not it might still be of some use to assess what you have done and to give some sort of input. Findegil might still remember despite the fact that it has been quite some time...

A few years ago I dabbled myself a little bit in this kind of thing, although on a much smaller scale. I created two emendations of the Tale of Years of the Second and Third Age, mostly but not exclusively on the basis of cut material published in PoME (other sources were 'Concerning Galadriel and Celeborn', 'The Line of Elros', and details only touched upon in Appendix A.

I'm not sure if this can be any help in this kind of thing but whoever wants to read the finished versions (which still contain a few errors here and there) can do so in issue #11 of the Other Minds magazine, to be found here
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