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MUSIC REVIEW: Music Inspired by Middle Earth -featuring David Arkenstone

Well I finally broke down and bought a copy of this instrumental CD, and while it wasn’t what I expected, it has been growing on me considerably. On the first listen it seemed very much like a movie score with a few jarring cliques, some very New Age and Elizabethan sounding stuff and very pretentious…but….

As I said it is growing on me. I have to say that The Riders of Rohan is absolutely wonderful, capturing the mood and spirit of the Rohirm at the end of the Third Age, a lot of layers to it as well. And The Palantir track is downright chilling. The only track I find myself having trouble with is The Field of Cormallen and sometimes Galadriel’s Mirror, which is were I keep hearing things reminiscent of The Exorcist and The Titanic. (Witness is also in there on another track.)

Has anyone else heard this CD?
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