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Uruk-hais and regular orcs (goblins) are different, obviously. Uruk-hais are, 'bred', full-grown. Orcs are bred smaller (never babies though), and sometimes grow a little. The hob-goblins were always a little larger than the other goblins (orcs). Some orcs didn't grow much, but some did (although they never reached the stature of an uruk-hai, never near it even), so in reality, there were never goblin or orc children, just smaller men (that sometimes grew larger over time). Of course there were never any female orcs (that I've heard of!), the dark lord (& Saruman) bred these ugly beings for war, no need of females there (obviously no offense)! Since he could always breed them, he never needed any female orcs. Hope that explains everything (I sure tried my best). [img]smilies/evil.gif[/img]
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