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“Could you please enlighten me vat ze Udun is going on here?”

Harrenon turned when Coldan nudged him and smiled wryly in answer to the latter’s question. Indeed, they seemed to have gotten themselves into a very fine mess. They had not even started the rehearsals yet – although they were quite behind schedule at the moment – nor did it seemed likely for them to start too soon if Branor did not sober up fast. And Branor’s state was not the most worrying thing. There was also the problem of what they had found out at the tavern. Harrenon sighed and shook his head,

“Branor got a little…over-enthusiastic with the drink,” he told Coldan. “Although, you could say this time it was not entirely his fault,” he added, casting Therian a pointed look. “And, well, there was also the unexpected encounter in the tavern…”

Harrenon paused, noticing that Aldarion had approached the group and was now listening attentively. Harrenon inspected him carefully, trying to determine his mood. Would he be too angry when Harrenon told him that most likely they would have to change a few important parts in the play? He took a deep breath and began, looking anywhere but at his fellow players:

“See, we ran into a Hobbit, and Amdir introduced him as Master Samwise and said he was Frodo’s companion. Apparently he is not dead. Nor is he the bumbling fool we believed he was…”

Harrenon paused, wondering whether it was safe to address the problem of Mary the Elf too, but then he decided that he should not be the only bearer of bad news. He would give Therian the chance of doing that. He had been at the tavern too, after all. Instead, Harrenon turned back to Coldan:

“So you see,” he finished. “You could say we are having a few…well, a few misfortunes.”
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