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1. "Roll Out The Barrel" -- Several elves journey to Laketown and back to restock Thranduil's wine cellar. It would involve river travel and shrewd bargaining with the Men of the Lake. Perhaps a Spider could even be seen.

2. “Lorien War” -- The happenings in Lothlorien during the War of the Ring, particularly near the end when they're increasingly under attack by Sauron. Perhaps a few elves find themselves under attack and have to fend off the orcs while informing Celeborn and Galadriel.

3. “Ungoliant’s Children,” -- The Spiders are increasing in number and encroaching upon the lands of the Elven King. When a scout does not return from his journey, Thranduil decides that something must be done. Join the Elven king for a Spider hunt beneath the trees.

4. "Elves to the Rescue" -Fangorn is being attacked by some unknown force! They're burning and cutting down trees, but the Ents have no idea where they are coming from. They send a messenger to the elves in Mirkwood telling of the destruction that is going on and if they could help. The Elves will head to Fangorn, fight out who is behind the attacks, and try to help stop them.

5. "The Island of Sorrow"- After the War of the Ring, six Noldorin Elves-two of Lothlorien, two of Rivendell and two of Lindon-meet at the Grey Havens. They are the last survivors of the host that followed Maedhros, and they are planning to sail to the isle of Himling where the ruins of Himring still stand. After paying this last visit to the fortress that was once their home, they intend to sail West at last. They cannot know that there is more danger on this silent, grim remnant of Beleriand than anyone would guess...

The aim is to reach Himling, explore the fortress and return to the Grey Havens to sail away with Cirdan and the Ringbearers.
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