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Birdland has just left Hobbiton.

Birdie, not realizing that there was a real life and death battle going on upstairs in the inn, and full egg-noggy Yuletide joy, proposed an outing for all the people at the inn.

"There is a group of mummers who have arrived this day in Gondor, and tonight at midnight they will re-inact one of our most beloved and oft-told tales; that of Frodo of the Nine Fingers and the Ring of Doom!

At that all in the inn were overjoyed, because all knew this tale and never got enough of hearing it told and re-told. To see it acted out on the stage would surely be a special celebration!

"Yes", said Birdie, "the merry troupe portraying this tale is infinitely talented, and I can vouch for this, having seen them perform in the past. The cast consists of many players - some acting dual roles, of course - and tis said that all aspects of the tale will be enacted, including mighty battles and the most touching love scenes. It's said that one will feel themselves to be swept away to those long-ago times of the Third Age, and think themselves set in the midsts of history in the making!"

"There is one small problem though. The Epic of Frodo and the Ring is so vast and broad, that it most be represented in three parts, and tonight the players will only be presenting the second part. But since all here are so familiar with the tale, none should be left behind to wonder what led to the events being shown".

So it was agreed that all the inhabitants of the inn should retire at midnight to the mighty amphitheater of Minas Tirith, and after the performance return to The Seventh Star to discuss all the details of the play; from the actors performances to how closely the script stuck to the actual facts of history. And of course, to drink some more eggnog while they were at it.

And a splendid time was guaranteed for all...

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