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The Eye

The door to the Inn opened slightly and a figure slowly entered the warmth and light of the common room.
Too short to be a man but nothing else could be told, since the person was almost entirely covered by a large, hooded fur-coat made from grey wolfpelts. It was obvious that this was not the original owner since the coat was much too large for the person now wearing it.

Quickly the figure strode toward a lonely spot in one of the corners and sat down without removing the warm coat, though opening it.
It was a young woman, or so she seemed for much about her was hidden that only her eyes revealed.
Her hair was black as a starless night and her nearly black eyes had a haunted look.
It was difficult to make out the features of her face, since it was stained with dirt and bruises from recent beatings, but one thing was obvious and made her stand out from the rest. Her skin had a darker tan than the people of Gondor were accustomed to and revealed that she was not a native of these lands.

A grey-clad waiter came over to her and she looked at him with a smirk. "Ale! And lots of it!"
The waiter left and she drew a pouch from her coat and looked at it with a smile. Whoever had been the owner of this pouch, received a nice thought for being so careless that he had carried it in a way which made it so easy for her to slip it out of his pocket.

The waiter came back with her ale and quickly she emptied the mug and gave him a wink. "Just keep it coming" she said and leaned back with a sigh.
She wasn't one to speak much but she knew she could talk her way out of almost any situation.

Gazing around she took in all details of the room, noticing the people and their behaviour in order to spot potential enemies. Or a potential victim. If someone was foolish enough to not be careful with his money she would be delighted to relieve him of the task.
Strange people had gathered here and her eyes narrowed as she noticed several Elves. Ever had she disliked that race and throughout her life she had cursed the Elven part of her blood.
Her thoughts were interrupted by a waiter placing another mug of ale in front of her and she sighed.
Better let it go, Rhana! she thought and drank slowly while listening to the people around her.

Stories were being told and some people were planning future adventures. She recognized many of the places she heard mentioned for she had already lived a long life and had seen many places on her travels. She had been far to the North and to the South. On the western shores.... and in the East. A hint of a smile appeared on her face by the thought of her homeland.
Ah yes, the stories she could tell from there.

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