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The Eye

Rhana looked at the woman in disbelief. Some nerve! she thought as she looked her over, trying to determine her purpose, then shrugged.
"Such interest in my business and even without telling me your name."
Her eyes were hard and her tone was harsh but quickly she continued. "But you're right! I have travelled far through many years and I've seen more than most. Name a place and chances are that I've been there."
She emptied her mug and immediately a waiter exchanged it with a full.

"I have been in the service of many over the years. I've even sailed the great sea though that ended when the captain refused to give me my payment."
A faint smile crept over her face at the memory of the unlucky captain who now sailed his ship on the bottom of the ocean after she had changed the course of the vessel and had fled in a skiff.

She leaned back in her seat and sighed. "Now I get by from day to day with what money I can s.... find. But I am for hire for any job there may be, IF the price is right, of course. And now I believe you've heard more than enough since you still haven't told me who you are. I can tell from the sorrow in your eyes that you know more about the dark side of life than most, yet it has given you great strength."

She did not take her gaze away from the other woman's face, but flashed her a smile, the first real smile she had given anyone in a very long time.
"I'm Rhana and you...?"

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