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Hirilaelin has just left Hobbiton.

Stars sparkled in the cold heavens as a figure made its way to the doors of the inn, seeking refuge from the chilling night air. With a soft creaking, the doors opened, and the person stepped inside shrouded in a heavy woolen cloak. A burst of music, song, and happy voices greeted the woman as she pushed the hood of the cloak from her head. A heavy looking pack was set upon her back, and the wood of a highly polished quarterstaff gleamed in the firelight.

She reveled a moment in the glorious warmth of the inn before walking up to the bar. Many people were crowded there, eating, drinking and talking. Managing to get a place at the counter, she addressed the barkeep in a suprisingly low voice for a woman, asking for a drink. "Warm spiced wine please."

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