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Cami pushed against the heavy wooden door, and poked her head inside to take a good look around. She thought she'd heard a few scratching sounds emenating from the direction of the White Horse Inn, but couldn't be certain. Perhaps it was only one of the small mice scurrying about the Inn looking for a few scraps that could be used to supplement his bedding.

Cami could scarcely remember the last time she'd seen a visitor at the Inn. The traffic had slowed down considerably from what it had been in better days. There was still a drowsy Innkeeper who'd fallen asleep over his brew, raising his head occasionally to nod vacantly in her direction. He looked familiar, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it.

In any case, the fellow's snores reached up to the rafters like a cacophonous symphony. Speaking of rafters, Cami rapidly scanned the beems to see if Bird was anywhere in sight, but she could not catch even a tiny glimpse of her sparkling black feathers. She reminded herself to ty and drop Bird a note and see if she was available for a little bar hopping.

A quick look about the room revealed a very surprising thing. There were indeed three people in the Inn, all of whom she knew. She ran over first to Aman to congratulate her on the recent news that she'd been added to the list of those able to start a game in Gondor.

After giving Aman a warm hug, Cami added, "Gondor has been too quiet of late. I hope you'll consider stirring things up a bit so we'll have more writing and tales recited, both in the Inn and throughout the land of Gondor."

Over in the corner, Piosenniel and Mithadan seemed to be having a good natured spat as to whether there should be a party to celebrate Aman's arrival. They were squabbling about who should plan it, whether there should be invitations and what foods should be prepared for the festive event.

Laughing at their silliness, Cami took the broom out of the closet and also armed herself with several pails and rags. Then she began vigorously attacking the piles of dust balls and hanging cobwebs which adorned the area of the bar. First things first. Until the Inn was cleaned up and made presentable, it would be senseless to invite guests for a party.
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