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Wrestling Match

Lithor and Wilcred had set up the circular ring not far from where the spear throwing contest had been held. Lithor described the simple rules. The two wrestlers would stand inside the ring (seven strides across), facing each other; the wrestler either forced his opponent on his back for three seconds, or forced him outside the ring first, would be the winner.

First up were Garstan and Stigend. After trading three feints, Garstan dove and got hold of Stigend's legs while Stigend grabbed him around the chest from atop. Stigend spread his legs out and so did Garstan, and neither could move the other. Garstan dropped to his knees and pushed forward, which compromised Stigend's stability, who found himself sitting on the ground with Garstan on top of him. He was able to turn over onto his stomach. But Garstan, with the advantage of hold and position, was able to move him in two huge shoves, closer to the edge of the ring. Little by little, Garstan nudged Stigend closer to the edge. Finally, despite Stigend's best efforts, he was made to cross the line first, and Garstan was declared the winner.

Next up were Matrim and Crabannan. They feinted grabs for each other five times. Then Crabannan, taking what seemed a huge risk, dove at the feet of Matrim and rolled, grabbing both his ankles in a trip; suddenly Matrim was on his stomach, Crabannan was again on his feet, and just as quickly, on his back holding him down. Matrim forced himself to his hands and knees, spread wide. Crabannan grabbed his left elbow in one hand and wrapped his arm around Matrim's back with his other. Matrim dropped his right shoulder and rolled, Crabannan rolling on his back beneath him, but Matrim was unable to stop the motion because Crabannan rolled through and had Matrim on his side and himself on top again. At this severe disadvantage, it was a matter of Matrim's strength working against leverage and Crabannan's working with, and within seconds Matrim was pinned to the ground on his back. Crabannan had won his first round.

Next up were Dan and Harreld. Dan was compact, his center of gravity naturally low; Harreld was almost all upper body strength and tall. The onlookers watched the oddest pairing possible. Harrreld charged, trying to grab Dan, who ducked and rolled and braced himself against the now righted Harreld, who was dangerously close to the edge of the ring. Neither of them moved though there was much grunting. Harreld tried to get down lower but his foot slipped and came within inches of the edge. He gained purchase and pushed Dan a foot toward the center. Harreld kept himself low and pushed against Dan, using his superior strength to nullify Dan's greater dexterity. He kept pushing. Slowly, the pair moved from one end of the ring to the other. When Harreld had pushed Dan past the center, Dan pivoted away and rolled, and Harreld fell on his stomach. Dan jumped on his back. Harreld pushed with his legs and tipped Dan over his head; Dan landed on his back; Harreld pounced on him and would not let him get purchase with any of his limbs. He shoved him inch by inch closer to the edge, and finally had him out. Harreld had won.

Next up were Aethelstan and Osmund. Aethelstan ran at Osmund, forcing his shoulder into his stomach; this knocked the wind out of Osmund and he crumbled to the ground. Aethelstan made quick work of his weakened opponent and had him on his back in a moment. Aethelstan had won.

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