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In the dagger throwing contest Harreld placed second twice. He was pleased. He had more experience fixing daggers than throwing them, but it seemed that his talents and trade lent themselves to being a fair shot at dagger throwing. Harreld was enjoying himself. He went over to Scyld and congratulated him on his victory. Scyld hesitated before replying in a gentelmanly fashion. Harreld regarded him briefly with a slightly raised eyebrow and a small smile on his face: this Scyld's mind seemed to work maybe somewhat as his own did, hearing possible words to be said in his mind first before choosing to release them for hearing.

"Only by my luck was it close at all, my friend," Harreld replied. "I hope you join us in one or more of the games yet remaining."

Scyld was considering a reply but then Ginna sauntered up to him with that mischievous glint in her eye, and the crowd parted as if she were royalty making her way to her claim. He melted inside all over again. He fought down a strong hunger to take her in his arms right then and there and plant a victory kiss on her smiling lips.

Then came the kitchen wager quip, and he laughed hard. It was a relief to laugh, a place to safely put his passion.

The only response that flitted through his mind should not be said, so he kept it to himself. Would you wager your hand in marriage? Make that bet and I would stop at nothing to win you. Instead of saying this, he offered his arm to her with a "my lady" on his lips, and her hand in the crook of his elbow, he ushered her along with the rest of the exuberant crowd to the next venue, the sack fight.

After he was bested by Erbrand in a moment, he humbly went over to stand by Ginna and said, "It appears that I need more than your good luck at these games. I must keep my head about me, my lady."
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