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"...Just give me the word, Harreld, and I'll keep out of your sight." Smiling, Ginna looked up into his eyes with a very slightly raised brow. Harreld knew a test when he saw one. He grinned and raised his own brow, looking her in the eye.

"I will take you as a distraction to my eye instead of a good luck charm every time." He brought the hand she had placed in his up to his lips and kissed it. She was beaming, smiling from ear to ear, looking all the more winsome for it. He laughed heartily from happiness and added his cheers to the crowd as the sack fights progressed.

"Ha ha!" shouted Harreld when Erbrand had won his fight with Dan, "we saw Kara and Erbrand as a team in the three legged race, now we shall see how they fare as foes!"

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