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Folwren is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Folwren is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Thornden cheered and laughed along with the rest of the audience. He thoroughly enjoyed the sack fight and the conclusion was the best part of all. He was not among the first to reach Erbrand, and by the time he was near him, he was already being helped up. Thornden, then, with a smile turned and offered a hand to Kara. She took it and leaped lightly down from the pole, smiling and gasping with laughter. She turned at once to Erbrand.

The spirits of the company were very high. Thornden felt it and was glad. His eyes swept over the people. There was the immediate press of people around Erbrand and Kara, congratulating them both. Standing a few paces away stood Harreld and Ginna, enjoying the sight immensely, but looking as though they enjoyed each other’s company even more. Up beyond them sat Rowenna and Saeryn, who had returned there after her defeat in the dagger throwing.

There were two empty chairs beside Saeryn, which surprised Thornden. He expected to see Eodwine there, but neither he nor Degas were to be seen. They must have left directly after the dagger throwing contest. Thornden silently wished that he were here now to see the happiness of his people. Such expression in all of their faces and voices were clear reflections of his good and noble lordship. No doubt he would be back soon, though. He must, for the quarterstaff fighting was to come next. Then he would see the merriment and joy.

With a smile, Thornden turned again to those close at hand. He was looking forward to the next game very much. At that moment, he heard Javan’s voice through the gabble of the crowd -

“Lithor! Lithor, what game is next?”

“The quarterstaves.”

“Ha! Did you hear that?” Javan asked, turning with a bright grin toward Cnebba and Garmund. “My brother’s in that! I’ll bet you anything you name that he’ll win!”

Thornden grinned widely and turned and walked away. He would not stay and hear what bet was placed upon his winning or losing.
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