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It was a very uncomfortable position for Erbrand to be in. He had hoped that either he or Kara would be eliminated from the games before the final match, however, fate took a different turn. Kara didn't seem to mind when Erbrand faced her and seemed rather glad that it was him whom she was fighting.

The round began but Erbrand held back what would be his normal instinct of attack. She smiled at him, he wondered if she knew he wouldn't hurt her, after much delay and pleading looks at the crowd he felt a thud on the back of his head and another thud when he hit the ground. Erbrand looked stunned and shocked at the sudden turn of events, but Kara was laughing gleefully and was waving the sack above her head, of course she knew he wouldn't hurt her.

Erbrand accepted one of the many hands that were offered him and was pulled up. A swarm of people pressed between him and Kara and for a long moment he was bewildered by all the handshaking and congratulations being exchanged between them. Presently Erbrand broke away from the crowd with Kara.

"A well won game, my friend," said Erbrand, embracing Kara in a hug, "but I'm afraid that Lithor's description of me being sneaky should apply to you."

"I hope I haven't hurt you in the fall." Kara responded apologetically.

"Just my pride, but out of all the players I'm glad that it was you who bested me. This defeat shall be much easier for me to bear."

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