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No worries Fin, real life must always take precedence!

GHA-SL-08.5: Agreed

GHA-SL-11.2/11.4: Agreed, good finds!

GHA-SL-13.2/13.4/13,6: Agreed, awesome finds! You just missed the first {Kastamir}[Castamir], and also {Angomaitė}[Angamaitė]. I would also remove the parentheses around GHA-SL-13.4. Since we made the addition so much longer, we don't need them.

GHA-SL-16b: Agreed.

GHA-SL-25: I agree, it is very unfortunate. However, there is nothing we can do.

GHA-SL-29b: Agreed, this works fine.

GHA-SL-30: I see what you mean, I've been having similar doubts. I found a better place for it to fit in the chapter The House of Eorl. Therefore I agree to remove it from here.

Thank you for these suggestions Fin, they are all excellent!

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