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Reading The Heirs of Elendil for the discussion of the next chapter, I found this addition:
When King Telemnar died the White Tree of Minas Anor also withered and died. GHA-SL-14.5<Heires of Elendil {They were descended, father to son, from} Hurin, Steward to King Minardil, {who had }laboured greatly for the ordering of the realm in the disastrous days of the plague, when King Telemnar died within two years of the slaying of King Minardil by the Corsairs. From that time on the kings usually chose their steward from this family, though a son did not necessarily succeed a father.>{But} Tarondor, {his }nephew of King Telemnar, who succeeded him, replanted a seedling in the citadel. ...
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