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My concern there Saucepan Man is that you may be leaving it up to the players to decide (or to realise) when to stop a Day's discussion. Call me a spineless wretch if you must but I do appreciate having the moderator posting and spelling out in BIG BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS when and when not to talk!

Perhaps, and you might groan at this prospect, consider the time zones of the players and maybe post something like:

You have until 6:00 PM (that's 2:00 AM (or is it?) for you Brits) ...

... because I once spent approximately 15 minutes trying to figure out the time difference a couple of days ago (there's no hope for me, I know ).

But this game is still going; you're not recruiting for the next one already, are you? Keep in mind, all those lucky enough to play in the first game (with the obvious exception of Shelob), that other Downers want to play too.
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