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Originally Posted by Marwhini View Post
I saw that "Debate."

And I am more than a little suspicious of it's motives, and how closely it mirrors Truth, given the respective participants, and the words it puts in the mouths of the participants.

To me it seems a little too much like Evangelical Opportunism and propaganda.

It does touch upon differences between GRRM and Tolkien (however ephemerally).

But I am talking about something much less abstract than is inferred in the video.

I understand your point in that it was produced by the Catholic church but it doesn't negate the fact the Lewis and Tolkien friendship is well known for these deep discussions on the nature of life and creation.

My understanding is this was observed by one of their other friends and Tolkien and Lewis had many such discussions over the course of their friendship.

I imagine it was in part Tolkien's friendship and these kind of discussions that moved Lewis from Atheism to deep spirituality and books like A Grief Observed and Mere Christianity and other like writings later in his life.
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