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Originally Posted by Morthoron View Post
It would have placed first, or so I am told by many voters, but as it is a full-length novel, many folk were daunted by the size of the work (some 87,000 words).
Well, my "magnum opus" had several other problems, as far as MEFA was concerned, so nobody even bothered to nominate it. I didn't post it in popular archives (my own website isn't sufficiently popular), I didn't post it in html (the files were pdf, and from what I was told, that is a Mortal Sin), it was 132,000 words (which is kinda average length for me, if not a tad on the short side), and I guess it didn't have enough Hobbits, known Elves, or known Men in it (I was flat out told by several folk that "no one is really interested in Gandalf"). It's what I get for being more interested in Valinor than in Middle-earth. Ah, well. I don't write for the adulation, so it's not really an issue. That anyone reads it at all is enough.
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