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Originally Posted by Ibrīnišilpathānezel View Post
I'm flattered (thank you ), though I'm not sure they'd consider it eligible anymore, since I haven't added anything new in... two or three years, I think. Though I'm considering revising the one completed novel, and I actually started working on the stalled one again recently. Dang writer's block. I knew that I should never start posting a work in progress. It's almost a sure guarantee that I'll stall before the end. *sigh*
As far as I know, anything's eligible as long as it hasn't run as a completed work before. (Which also means this: WIPs compete with each other!) When the 2010 season starts up I'll do some more poking around (they usually change the rules just a bit each year) because most of the stuff I want to nominate has been around for quite some time. As long as they can get in touch with the author, I think it's good.

All of my other potential 'Downer noms I've already mentioned above (although I just trawled the archive and couldn't find the Folco fic--Esty, have you taken that down? (And you may also consider this a prod to continue your work!)), otherwise I'd try to drag this back on topic a little bit.
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