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Originally Posted by Estelyn Telcontar View Post
I'm not a great writer of fiction, so have neglected to carry on with the tale. Work on Music in Middle-earth last year took priority over all other writing, so I do have an excuse of some worth. I shall dig out my notes and see if I can get into it again. I don't normally like to leave things unfinished!
That is something I can REALLY understand! Although I have written a lot of fiction, and it was actually several very bad years full of deaths among family and friends (not to mention the family strife that followed) that started my current bout of writer's block, it wasn't helped when the Muse got pulled in other directions. Most recently, I started producing a line of original designs and patterns for charted needlepoint, and have been working to build up enough of a "library" to start marketing them beyond local shops. Every time the Muse wants to dabble with writing, there's the pull that says, "No, you've got this next pattern and model to complete," and that takes priority because it means real income potential. (I did manage to squeeze in my love of Tolkien even there, though: one of the designs/patterns is titled "Stars in Shadows Shimmering." I really have to get that ad page for this stuff up on my website....)

Don't you hate it when Real Life insists on getting in the way of Art?

Okay, okay, back to the topic!
Call me Ibrin (or Ibri) :)
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