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Sorry about the tangent.
In the book, of course, it is only Frodo and Sam who are honored at Cormallen. Merry and Pippin are in a serving capacity.
I think Jackson didn't consider the book was clear enough when it came to acknowledging the fact that the Ring's destruction was brought about by the labor of many, who each played their own part, Frodo had suffered the most, physically and spiritually, though Sam had been his master's greatest support.
If anyone was deserving of a bow, it was Gandalf. After all, Sauron's destruction had been his sole occupation for centuries.
Gandalf indeed deserved the bow and honour. But I can't agree he did deserve more than the two Hobbits. Gandalf fought the Evil with the Powers he was given and never faced the threat that the hobbits did. Frodo and Sam go to Mordor without any aid (except each other's company) and that is the sole reason why they deserved the highest honor. Elrond's remark of Frodo's place being among the great Elf-friends is one of the signs why he and Sam should be considered in the highest regard. Gandalf being a powerful Maia doesn't degrade him as a great personality but it does increase the Hobbits'.
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