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Also, the top section doesnt really seem to be getting anywhere- there are very few games in it; the seventh star (in which many of the main character are from the Lonely Star, not easy for others to understand.), Castle Maladil and The Revenge of the Entish Bow (invitation only.) Most of the moderators seem to clique together.
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I suppose I should answer that part of your post, at least. You raise other points that I'll come to in a later post, or perhaps one of the other mods will answer you.

This section was always going to be the 'slowest'. The games are, almost deliberately, much lower key in terms of pacing. This was always going to be an arena for the senior members and strong writers to play a different sort of game. It is not for moderators only, or even close, but there are few games (relatively) and therefore fewer opportunities. Yet those same senior writers mostly particpate also in Rohan and The Shire, and it is in these places where the majority of games take place, as intended. There there is a mingling of minds and experiences.

The senior members mostly have jobs/children/multifarious commitments (or all the aforementoned!), and thus it is good that there is a less frenetic environ for them to enjoy RP-ing as those in the Shire and Rohan have expressed they are. (The Inn in Gondor can seem admittedly a little redundant; I feel, perhaps, that this is not an important enough issue to disucuss, since its redundancy stems from a lack of need. I'm open to criticism of that stand-point, however.) I would, that said, on a personal level, like to see people take an interest there, and for there to be a little more lively discussion, and perhaps this thread may encourage strong writers from Rohan and the Shire to post in the Star and PM me about joining potential games, for as I mentioned we already have two or three waiting in the wings.

Things move more slowly in Gondor, 'tis the way of it.
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