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The way the games were shared out when the split happened didnt seem entirely fair either- one game I was in was put into the section it wouldnt otherwise have been put in apart from the fact that the moderator and one of the gamers really didnt get on, and this didnt really seem right- I thought it deserved to go in a higher category, and it was downgraded for personal reasons.
I'd like to start by saying that this is nothing personal, Amanaduial. The above just happens to be an opinion with which I could not disagree more strongly.

The placing of the existing games within the new system was not a judgement on their quality: the new classifications refer only to games started after the revised structure came into effect. I know this because the Moving RPGs thread carries an explanation of this fact, later quoted elsewhere by Mithadan, which I read even though I wasn't playing at the time because I couldn't understand why people were arguing so much. Having read both the aforementioned explanation and one of the ensuing arguments, in which various moderators and at least one other member tried in vain to explain matters, I am still completely mystified.

I know that there have been personality clashes, as is only to be expected in a forum of this size and diversity. I think I know to whom you refer, and I know that particular person to be decent and reasonable, not the sort of person to pursue needless and stupid vendettas against other members. I do not believe that people are kept away from others' jurisdiction here because of malice against them, but in order to avoid unnecessary feuds, which spoil the fun for everyone. Surely it's easier and more pleasant for all concerned if people who are likely to clash are kept separate.

I'm sorry if I'm treading on any toes with this, but as I see it a few forum members have made a lot of fuss about nothing. I find that depressing and not a little frustrating, given that this is something that we're supposed to be doing for fun.

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