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I've added to the now gargantuan post # 739 on the Tapestry One thread. But it needs Nuru to write for Leafa.

Here's what I have so far:

By day's end the men were ready. All that remained was to bid farewell.


Ędegard asked Leafa to walk in the garden beside the Inn. From there one could look out over the heights of the Third Circle to the vista of plains, river, forest, and mountains, the sickle moon rising above the Ephel Duath in a clear night sky.

"Maybe we will not be long, Leafa," Ędegard said presently. "Maybe you and I will soon be on our way to find your father."
Nuru, can you pick up where I left off, here on the discussion thread? When we've written a proper farewell conversation, I can edit it into the post.

And while we're at it:


Raefindan strolled toward the home of Mellondu and Mellonin with the purpose of bidding farewell to his new friend and promising to keep a human eye out for her brother. It was a pleasant, well kept dwelling, as stone buildings in Minas Anor went (for he remembered that the old name had come back into usage by rule of the King).

He knocked on the door and waited.
Your turn, Helen!
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