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Originally Posted by Groin Redbeard View Post
I'm starting a post for the hunting party today, but I need to know if anybody here has written for Balvir or Matrim. If anyone has written, or read a post, with them in it I would greatly appreciate it if you could fill me in on their personalities.
Back on the old Eorling Mead Hall rpg thread, Nerindel posted for Matrim and I think also for Balvir. Go to Members List (just at the top of this "page" next to "User CP" and "FAQ"), and find Nerindel, then choose to look at all posts by her; that's probably the easiest way to find it.

Lhuna, I'll try to post today for Harreld.

What's happening with Saeryn, Modtryth and the rest?

Falco Boffin is now officially gone from this rpg.
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