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Originally Posted by Mithalwen View Post
Let me know if anything needs changing. If Thinlomien doesn't object, I may need an excuse for Elfthain to extend his stay, since I think atm he is meant to return with the waggon's and thought perhaps a kick from Wilheard's very marish mare mght do the trick. Not just now and not something that would need poor Saffy to be euthanased. Just enough to stop her, and by extension her master from travelling immediately.. I know he could just ride on a waggon but since the Rohirrim love their horses as their children, I don't think he would leave her with virtual strangers.
I'm not objecting! Honestly, Bolt is a horrible horse, and Wilheard is just about the only one that can handle her. (If any of the characters present is exceptionally good with horses - Léof perhaps? - I'm sure he could handle her too, but she would be rather difficult with most people. So, if Wilheard is not around, she might wreak havoc!)

Btw I loved your post, Mith. I kind of kept the pony joke, because even if Saffy isn't a mountain pony per se, that's what Wilheard would name her in his head. He's not foolish enough to overlook the good qualities of such a horse but he's definitely judging Elfthain for riding such a "pony" however reliable little Saffy is.

Wilheard can be ignored in the stable storyline for now - unless someone really wants him around?, he's out soon. If someone wants to run into our resident anti-hero, let me know. I think he'd be heading for the kitchens eventually.

Originally Posted by Gal
Originally Posted by lmp
"You were missed." His eyes opened wider and a momentary look of surprise flashed across his face before he mastered himself; but curiosity remained. She needed to say something more to take the edge off her words. She allowed a sardonic half smile. "I have been bored."
Oh man, I love those two!
Ditto, shipping it so hard.
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