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I always scare myself. And don't get plastic surgery, because it is dangerous, and if you died nobody would beable to see your elven ears....or you could do it and live and be a freak forever. Oh yeah! how you know you are obessed and crazy things I do.

1. You have a replica of most all the swords, rings, armour,bows, ect. from the books. (i brought my sword to school, i was suspended for a week)

2. people fear when they go even near you that they are going to have to listen you you ramble on about tolkien and books and ect.

3. You get very mad when people don't celebrate Middle Earth's holidays.

4. You go by the Shire's calender.

5. Everyghing you do is tolkien related and sometimes people just want to KILL you.

6. Your public library is always low on Tolkien books.

7. people now have a fear of crows, or at least a fear of you shouting "Crebain (or however you spell it) from Dundland!"

8. If an average non freaky non tolkien person read this (the whole topic) they would think everybody wrote this about you.

Okay, this is all i can think of, and i will post if i think of more. I know i can't spell, this stuff may suck, but it is all stuff i do so if you say this sucks i suck, if you make any comment about this paragraph at the end i will be mad..... *keeps talking*
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