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Tolkien Hi

Hi eveyone my name is Lindalirien and if I am not mistaken I think that means fair song maiden (If I am wrong please correct me). Well my real name is Jessica and I'm fourteen. I've come to this site for a long time but just recently came upon the forum. I love the Barrow Downs it's one of the best Lord of the Rings websites I have been to. I can actually talk about things that happen in the books, not just the movies which is a rare thing because all my friends only watched the movies and just briefly skim through the books I have been a Tolkien fan since I was about nine, when I first picked up The Hobbit. I have read The Hobbit,all three Lord of the Rings books, I have read these all several times to try to fully understand them.Once I finish the current book I'm reading I am going to try to start The Silmarillion. I don't think I can call myself a true Tolkien fan until I have read that. Ok that's about all I have to say. Bye

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