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Her face flushed after the kiss, Valesseka found it necessary to keep her squealling at bay by putting her fingers delicately to her lip as the one thought that she had most hoped to ensure flooded her mind and nearly spilling out of her mouth: He still likes me more than Jen!!

She sighed out a soft "My darling" and as if on a cloud she drifted toward his arm, half aware of the gemstone being thrown at Eomeleo or really much else... that is until he turned toward her an smiled which was when the world seemed to melt away completely for a few sweet moments.

The sun was slowly creeping just on the horizon, the party had to move in their own directions or as one. It was the slightly less gloomy Thin-gloomy who made this clear first, and with a little bounce in his step lead on his own way.

The Arnorian looked at those surrounding her, pausing as her glance fell on Jenifred. She was alone, and from what Valesseka's imagination could fabricate Jen was not very good at 'it'. Thus, moved by her own misguided pity for the girl, she tugged Eomeleo over and linked arms with her, giving her most comforting - and extremely gorgeous- smile and steering the three of them toward Thin-gloomy's tracks.

"Come on, Jen... you can carry my things! We'll be back in the city in no time and we'll have you all set from there!"

"Err, excuse me?"

Perhaps she could have used a better choice of words... It didn't seem as if Jenifred saw this extremely generous offer as a gift. She's such a strange girl... "You have my permission to travel with us!" announced the fairest of the farm girls, who's authority was indeed unquestionable here.

"Valesseka..." started the weary Gondorian

"But she has no one! It would be cruel to turn her back over to her own devices. She doesn't -have- to stay with us forever, we can take her to Bree and let her have something to eat and then turn her loose on the city! Out of our hands!"

Arching her brow high, Jen waited out Valesseka's arguements to slowly die off, considering her possible travelling partners. They weren't the worst kind of group a person could travel with, but it was definitely something worth thinking about.

And after giving her offer, Valesseka let her thoughts return to her previous adventures, her fortune and finally of home. Looking up at the bobbing feather of Eomeleo's hat she smiled, knowing that in a few hours of walking she could mention her want to return home, and perhaps even persuade Eomeleo to make haste again for the North.
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