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OK, then

Greatest- could mean many things

Physical size - Lothlorien, as Rivendell is just valley-sized at most
Population - Likewise
Military Power - Likewise again

Is Galadriel with the white a more powerful opponent of Sauron than Elrond with the blue? Tricky but I'd imagine so, regardless of the rings as Galadriel is significantly older, had been to the Undying lands and was personal friend of Melian.

On the other hand Elrond might be viewed as a more active opponent of Sauron and better suited of course to interaction with the human civilizations.

Rivendell is more welcoming and supportive of 'allies' than Lorien, (even if it is located down a secret parth that even Gandalf has touble following), Dwarves, Hobbits, Dunedain etc drop in all the time (in elvish terms - at least once per century) whereas such interaction is extremely rare for Lorien.

Other plus-points for Rivendell, which I don't think overcome Lothlorien's greater size, population and Galadriel are-

The remnants of the Noldor, eg Glorfindel was a handy chap to have around
Renowned seat of learning and counsel
Elrond has close allies in the Rangers, but Celeborn's close allies are the Ents
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