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I'm dreaming of a red Christmas

The crooked shack at the far corner of the township belonged to the most mysterious citizen of the village. He was relatively new to town, and little was known about him, except for his outlandish behavior. Without warning, he would sometimes walk up to a person on the street and reveal a secret about them that only they could know. This shocked and frightened his neighbors, and they usually ignored him, often crossing the street or ducking into a building to avoid his indiscreet announcements.

Everyone had continued to ostracize him, until they began to think his power was stronger than they had imagined, and more useful. He had clamored against Firefoot the previous day, insisting that she was one of the beasts, and he had been right. When everyone had been confused by the twisted arguments of the monsters, he had been the strong voice of truth. It was now clear he was a seer.

Before the dawn, mormegil was also dead.

Though they had set extra guards and tried desperately to stay awake, someone had slipped in their duties, and the wolf among them had slipped past their defenses once again. This time the beast had been less tidy.

Every door and window of mormegil’s house hung open at a wild angle, as if a zephyr had taken residence within. Pieces of furniture, clothing, and other household items were strewn about in a wide circle around the house, all splattered with chunks and smears of cold, dark blood. There was no need to enter the seer’s residence, because his shredded body lay amongst the debris of his life: a hand by the split and broken table top, part of a leg tangled in a tattered flower-patterned curtain, his leering head rocking in a dented chamber pot.

A very angry werewolf was still alive in the village, and mormegil would be not be making any more predictions.


  • the phantom
  • Primrose Bolger
  • Oddwen
  • Feanor of the Peredhil
  • bilbo_baggins
  • Kuruharan
  • Mithalwen

  • Shelob (Villager) - mangled by werewolves during Night 1
  • Anguirel (Werewolf) - hanged on Day 1
  • The Saucepan Man (Villager) – shredded and simmered by werewolves during Night 2
  • Firefoot (Werewolf) - Hanged by Day 2
  • mormegil (The Seer) - shredded horrificallyby a werewolf on Night 3

Werewolves: 1
Villagers: 6

Eek! That was messy. I think the last werewold is mad and desperate. Be careful!

It is now DAY. You all have until 6AM tomorrow morning to decide who to lynch. All discussions must be public.

** EDIT: If you girls wouldn't always be going by masculine nicks, I wouldn't be mistaking mormegil as one of you!
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