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sorry Kuru
Don't be so apologetic. 'Tis quite alright. You wouldn't be doing your duty if you did not mention everyone.

However, I do have a few things I'd like to say...

And did you notice that Kuru did not seem too anxious to go along with the kill Firefoot vote? Was he hoping to stick to the original plan of killing Fea because he knew Fea to be an innocent?
Ahh, I suppose that does look a little awkward. Aside from loudly squawking my innocence to the heavens (which even I would tell you not to believe just because I say it), I do have an explanation to offer.

I admit I was wrong about Firefoot and mormegil. I was suspicious (especially in the beginning) because a lot of the things mormegil said struck me as a bit of a stretch. I was also a little bit put off by the loud way he claimed his presentation was the most cogent one being put before the jury. As I am sure you have probably concluded by now, I'm a pretty cynical and flinty ole cuss who is apt to view with a certain degree of skepticism anyone who is making such large claims about the virtue of their own work. I was also, at the very end (and this perhaps does not reflect entirely well on my own personality ), a little bit annoyed with his refusal to go into much detail after I'd asked for a restatement of everybody's views. The thought crossed my mind that he wanted me to go back and take the time to hunt up all his posts on the subject, hoping that I would just read his posts and forget everything else that had been said in the amount of time it took to read it. It seemed like a werewolfish trick to me.

Obviously I was wrong about him. It did occur to me that he might be the Seer, but I was just never quite convinced of it. I ultimately went along with it because I was having a little get together at my place last night and I wanted to get the vote over with and not have to stick around for runoffs etc. when I was pretty certain how things were going to turn out in the end.

(Said get together is the reason why I'm a bit tardy putting in an appearance this morning...or, afternoon rather.)

I'm glad I doubted my own infallibility (and had a pressing social engagement...).

I might have been more willing to believe that mormegil was the Seer except for another confounding factor. While I now totally agree that it seems likely that Feanor is as pure and innocent as the wind driven snow (at least as far as being a werewolf is concerned) I think everyone will admit that her behavior created a certain...impression in the minds of many.

I, quite frankly, was at a complete loss to explain her behavior. The only way it made any sense in my mind was that Feanor was a werewolf. I just couldn't understand why she would act in such a...well, bizarre manner unless she were trying to get everything all hopelessly stirred up and confused so that nobody would think straight and we'd be more likely to make mistakes.

As a matter of fact, now that I think she's innocent, I'm even more puzzled than I was before...oh well.

I feel compelled to repeat my question of yesterday and hopefully this time I'll be able to extract a more satisfactory answer from somebody. Where have bilbo_baggins and Oddwen gone off to?

We are reaching the stage where we are running out of delators so I feel compelled to point out that bilbo_baggins made a fair amount of fuss and bother on DAY ONE and has gone suspicious quiet ever since. (Almost as if he took a hint from something.) Not accusing, mind you, just asking for an explanation. It is in our best interests to be as thorough as possible.
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