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Originally Posted by mark12_30 View Post
Hmm. There are games (some of which I've played in) which occasionally transcended the above "having a laugh" and approached "epic tale" or "grand narrative". At least, I think so. Most haven't; but a few have.
I really enjoyed RPGing with Gandalf the Grey. With Gandalf's games, the focus was on the story itself rather than on the competition between the players and they were serious about maintaining a Middle-earth flavour without taking themselves too seriously.

I enjoyed playing in The Barrow Wight's "My Crow Management" too, and my occasional contributions to the REB trilogy. Planning the REB posts in chat was probably more fun than writing the posts.

I think the real trick is to discover a group of people you know well and you enjoy writing with because then you develope an intuitive sense of what they will pick on (or ignore) and you can play with that.

EDIT: I really like what Noggie and b]LMP]/b] have done with the Scarburg Mead Hall. I think it's absolutely fantastic to see non-native speakers of English writing here with such style and ability.
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