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Originally Posted by Lotrelf View Post
Gandalf indeed deserved the bow and honour. But I can't agree he did deserve more than the two Hobbits. Gandalf fought the Evil with the Powers he was given and never faced the threat that the hobbits did. Frodo and Sam go to Mordor without any aid (except each other's company) and that is the sole reason why they deserved the highest honor. Elrond's remark of Frodo's place being among the great Elf-friends is one of the signs why he and Sam should be considered in the highest regard. Gandalf being a powerful Maia doesn't degrade him as a great personality but it does increase the Hobbits'.
I would say the only reason Frodo and Sam deserve the bow more than Gandalf is because destroying Sauron was Gandalf's task and main occupation in ME. It was his raison-d'etre-in-ME (literally). And it was his, specifically his, task. Frodo and Sam were volunteers, out of thousands of people who were affected by Sauron and who even fought against Sauron. Specifically they did not have to do anything, and yet they took on the lead roles. Though you could argue that Gandalf also did not want to go to ME when the Istari were chosen... argh.

As for the movie screwing things up, well, it's not a first.
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