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Texadan wrote:
I think perhaps the marring of Aman is in the Valar themselves. It seems to me that they reached a perceived perfection and crouched there. When the Children of Ilúvatar awoke did the Valar try to carry blessings and some of that perfection to the eastern continent? No, they called the elves to them and their perfection. And what did they do when the rest of the world became suddenly very imperfect? They built mountains and walled themselves in.
And Raynor:
Myths Transformed tells us that the valar attacked at the first right moment - any sooner, their action might have caused total annihilation.
I don't think that the quote from Myths Transformed entirely refutes Texadan's point. For one thing, it seems to be speculation rather than a straightforward statement. For another, it concerns only the timing of their final attack on Morgoth. Texadan makes a broader point about their governance of Arda. After the Battle of the Powers, why did the Valar not cast down the Pelori and extend the bliss of Aman to Middle-earth? With the exceptions of Ulmo and Orome, and notwithstanding the quotes that Hilde gives, they appear quite insular and isolationist. I too wonder if this attitude may have been a misstep on their part.
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